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SW-48 Pick-Up Sweeper

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SW48 2011 002.jpg

The SW-48 Sweep-N-Clean is T.I.P. Inc's original pick-up sweeper. The Sweep-N-Clean will pick up anything, from leaves and grass clippings to cores, divots, and litter. That's why the Sweep-N-Clean is the Pick-Up Sweeper with Superior Performance.

The Sweep-N-Clean is the ideal pick-up sweeper for a wide variety of applications. Whether cleaning areation cores, excess topdressing from golf course greens, or picking up litter from a park or playground, the Sweep-N-Clean will work for you. 

Its six wheels create a lightweight footprint for the most delicate surfaces, while its sturdy construction will provide you with years of trouble-free service. 

Two brush types are available: a softer black brush for golf courses and other natural surfaces, and a stiff white brush for heavier pick-up applications. 

SW48 2011 004.jpg

The Sweep-N-Clean has been designed with many user-friendly features:

  • Powerful and Reliable 5.5 hp. Honda engine.

  • Remote operated electric clutch on brush drive.

  • Remote operated electric actuated clamshell hopper.

  • Manual brush height adjustment.

  • Quick-Set Transport mode to raise brush off of the ground.

  • Walking beam front axle to follow uneven terrain.

The Sweep-N-Clean's extra large 25 cubic foot capacity holds more material, so you can cover more area before emptying.

With all these features and more, the Sweep-N-Clean is a compact and maneuverable pick-up sweeper with big sweeper performace.

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