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Groom It Plus

Sometimes, 6 feet of Groom-It brush just isn't enough

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Sometimes, 6 feet of Groom-It brush just isn't enough. That's why we offer the Groom-It Plus wing extensions. The Groom-It Plus widens the Groom-It to a total of 12 feet so you can cover more area in less time.

Once installed on the Groom-It, the Groom-It Plus wings can be dismounted and mounted again in a matter of minutes, using no tools. So, if you have an application that requires the full 12 feet of width, and then have others that require only 6, both situations can be accommodated easily.

The extra 6 feet of width doesn't mean you'll have more difficulty maneuvering your Groom-It around. The Groom-It Plus wings fold to an upright position, maintaining the Groom-It's original 6 foot width for transportation. You can also use the Groom-It with the Groom-It Plus wings in the upright position if you need to brush a narrower area.

The Groom-It Plus can also be mounted to nearly any brush machine.

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