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Groom It Brush

Built Better and Works Better

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The Groom It is a versatile pull-type brush system specially designed for the proper and efficient distribution of wet or dry top dressing materials on a wide variety of playing surfaces.

The Groom It is also effective for:

  • Breaking up aerification cores

  • Removing dew from fairways and greens

  • Eliminating runners and grain from greens

  • Improving ball roll

  • Filling aerification holes

  • ...and much more.

The Groom It is constructed with a sturdy box tubing frame and durable powdercoated finish. The Groom It measures 6 feet wide, and has more brushes per pass than any comparable brush on the market.

Three types of brushes are available for the Groom It, depending on the application. The Groom It comes standard with a medium stiffness black brush used for golf course greens, fairways, and other natural turf applications. A heavier stiffness white crimped brush and the stiffest white straight brush are also available, used for heavier natural turf aplications, and for synthetic turf installation and maintenance activities. 

The Groom It was designed with ease-of-use in mind. All adjustments can be made without tools. The Quick Flip Hitch allows the Groom It to be pulled from both directions, extending the life of the brushes. Leveling the machine is fast and easy with a turnbuckle adjustment. The Heavy Duty Quick Set Jack makes storage a breeze. 


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