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Custom Manufacturing

At TIP Inc. we are able to make your vision come true. From Custom Ginseng Sprayers to Unique conveyors, we can do it all. 

Below are some projects we have completed: 

Ginseng Sprayers

   -Cummins 4bt engine 
   -Hydraulic 4 wheel                    drive.
   -Air conditioned cab
   - Center articulated 
   - Hydraulic 24' booms 
   - Poly 500 gallon product           tank 
   -  Raven rate controller 

TIP Inc. Sample Washer

The TIP Inc. SW-50 Sample Washer allows you to efficiently wash and grade seed samples.  It works by simply attaching the water hose to the infeed. The user then must dump the dirty sample into the easy access hopper, turn the machine on, and in under 2 minutes the sample is cleaned. 

Then, raise the gas assisted hopper for easy lifting of the now cleaned sample. The product will dump onto the grading and sorting sable. All excess water will drain from the table into the common drain. 

After sorting, attach bag or box to discharge end, raise the lever and slide the product into desired container. 

While one batch is being sorted, the SW-50 allows another batch to be cleaned. This improves efficiency of seed sampling. 

TIP Inc. One Row Digger 


Sigourney Conveyor 2.jpg
At TIP inc. we are able to show the customer exactly how what they are imagining will look with 3D CAD modeling.