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Tine Rake Attachment 

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The Scratch-It tine rake attachment is the perfect complement for the Groom-It brush for the installation and maintenance of artifical turf sports fields. The Sratch-It "flowers up" the turf fibers, allowing a more even distribution of in-fill material.

The Scratch-It has been updated to include several improvements. Heavier tines allow for a more aggressive raking action as well as a longer life span. The addition of a height-adjustable finishing brush helps to redistribute in-fill material that may be left on the surface after the Scratch-It passes over, and also smooths out any remaining rake marks in the turf.

The Scratch-It is available with either 78 or 120 six inch tines, depending on your spacing requirements. The tines can be tilted to increase or decrease aggressiveness. The whole rake assembly is height adjustable to control aggressiveness as well. 

Once installed on the Groom-It, the Scratch-It can be lowered to apply a raking action. If you need to utilize the Groom-It without the rake, the Scratch-It can be flipped up and pinned into a vertical position. No tools are required to switch between brushing with a rake and without. Both situations can be accommodated easily.

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