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Brush It

Power Brush system 

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The T.I.P. Inc. Brush-It powered brush system is the perfect tool for a wide variety of uses, including windrowing aerification cores, brushing in topdressing, and sweeping cart paths.

After core aerification of the greens, the Brush-It can be used to windrow the cores for easy pick-up. The Brush-It can be angled to the left or to the right as well as perpendicular to the direction of travel.

Product description 

Once the cores have been picked up, the Brush-It can be used to sweep topdressing into the core holes. With a Honda 5.5 hp engine, the Brush-It has plenty of power to move most any type of heavy topdressing.

The Brush-It also helps to save on sand usage by efficiently filling the holes and moving the excess material into windrows that can be easily removed.

The Brush-It has been designed with many user-friendly features to make its use easier on you. The Brush-It incorporates a remote controlled electric clutch and electrically actuated height adjustment, allowing the operator to start and stop, raise and lower the brush without leaving the tow vehicle. The 5.5 hp Honda engine will provide years of trouble-free service, and the fold-back hitch allows for storage in relatively small spaces.

In Action

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