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Artificial Turf Sweep-N-Clean

The TIP Inc artificial turf maintenance package has been perfected by turf installers and users. We listened to bring you the best performing and reliable turf sweepers and groomers on the market.
The SW48-A artificial turf sweeper picks up loose debris from the playing surface and screens the crumb rubber material back to the surface. The debris is collected in a small hopper that is easily removed to dump. On the rear of the machine is a rare earth magnet to pick up any ferrous materials. It has a 4ft. working width and can be pulled by any utility vehicle.

Like our original Sweep-N-Clean, the SW48-A incorporates a remote-controlled electric clutch, so the operator doesn't need to leave the vehicle nearly as often.  A powerful and reliable 5.5 hp Honda engine, manual brush height adjustment, and quick set transport mode to raise the brush off of the ground are just a few of its additional user friendly features. 

Product description 

Vibrating screen for positive separation.


Crumb rubber is returned to the playing surface and debris is filtered into the lightweight, removable hopper for easy removal.

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