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Artificial Turf Sweep-N-Clean

T.I.P is proud to introduce the SW48-A Sweep-N-Clean for artificial turf.  The SW48-A has many of the same features as the original Sweep-N-Clean, but is specifically designed for the artificial surfaces seen on many of today's athletic facilities.   

Like our original Sweep-N-Clean, the SW48-A incorporates a remote-controlled electric clutch, so the operator doesn't need to leave the vehicle nearly as often.  A powerful and reliable 5.5 hp Honda engine, manual brush height adjustment, and quick set transport mode to raise the brush off of the ground are just a few of its additional user friendly features. 

SW- 48A-2.jpg

Vibrating screen for positive separation.


Crumb rubber is returned to the playing surface and debris is filtered into the lightweight, removable hopper for easy removal.

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