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OzoMax Disinfecting System

T.I.P. Inc is introducing a “REVOLUTIONARY NEW SYSTEM” for facility disinfection.

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T.I.P. Inc is introducing a “REVOLUTIONARY NEW SYSTEM” for facility disinfection.

The OzoMax disinfecting system is the natural and safe solution to unsafe bacteria on and around your field.  The OzoMax system uses the proven power of ozone injection technology to safely and effectively keep athletes and your facility clean and free of unwanted bacteria and viruses such as MRSA, Hepatitis, and Influenza. 

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Proper on-field sanitation starts with proper off-field sanitation.  The OzoMax system allows you to go there.

This system is completely chemical free and the only input is water, which makes it extremely cost effective when compared to other treatment methods.  With our one pass system you can disinfect your field quickly and efficiently without the need for multiple passes.  However, multiple passes can be used to achieve disinfection several inches below the surface where light does not penetrate.  Surfaces can be treated as often as is necessary and the field can be ready for use within minutes after disinfection.

This patent pending design will revolutionize the way you look at disinfection within your facility.

With the mobile backpack sprayer you can take the power of “super oxygenated water” to your locker rooms, restrooms, on-site medical facilities or anywhere you can’t get to with the machine.  This system allows you to go beyond the field surface for total protection of your entire facility.

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