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The Perfect Prescription for your Food Plots

It grows big like a tank! #1 late season seller.


HB Too Tall Brand Brassica, Impact Forage Collards, Purple Top Turnips, HB Special Radish, Premier Forage Kale


Plant in mid to late summer


4 lbs. per half acre


Also Available
25 lb bags


Planting and Preparation
Once soil is tilled, we recommend rolling or pressing the soil to get a firm seed bed. This uniformity allows for even seed depth. Whether you use a mechanical planter, broadcast spreader or throwing out by hand, a consistent seed placement depth delivers best results. Once seeds are sown, make sure seeds are covered and press firmly with dirt at the recommended depth and then press or pack again. Remember, all seed have a different optimum range. The general rule is, the smaller the seed the less the planting depth. Small seed such as turnips should go in about 1/8-1/4 inch where larger seeds such as soybean should go in ¾-1 inch.