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The Perfect Prescription for your Food Plots

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Plot-In-A-Pail Perennial

Can a food plot really be this simple?  Grab your sprayer, seed spreader and Plot-in-a-Pail and you're ready to plant.  Plot-in-a-Pail puts all the great products from Plot Dr in one convenient kit.  No more guess work, each kit is tailored to your seed type for effortless food plot planning.  Pick your seed...grab your kit and you're done!  It's that simple.  Perennial food plots are a great season long food source for deer and upland game and can last for many years. Ensuring longevity all stems from the start and doing it correctly! This kit includes everything you need to amend, establish and manage a 1/2 acre perennial food plot .  You get the pH adjustment, starter fertilizer, in-season fertilizer, and seed all in one convenient kit.

Plot-in-a-Pail Perennial

  • Big Racks - A seed blend with many different seed types for deer to help sustain health and a great attractant. One of our best selling blends. Ingredients: Protein Plus Rapeseed, Alfalfa, White Clover, Alsike Clover, Crimson Clover, Hunter Brand Ladino, Medium Red Clover, King Annual Rygrass, Six Point Chicory, Purple Top TurnipPerennial/AnnualPlant in spring or late summer.

    Luck-O-Buck - The ultimate clover blend has five different clovers that any deer along with all wildlife would love. These clover varieties have the best possible proteins available. Ingredients: Medium Red Clover, White Dutch Clover, HB Brand Ladino Clover, Alsike Clover, Crimson CloverPerennialPlant in spring or late summer.

    Tagged Out - Improved from the original Booyah with added berseem clover and rhutabaga.This is a high- protein, drought-resistant alfalfa along with a great assortment of clovers and high energy brassica’s that the deer just can’t get enough of. Ingredients: HB Alfalfa, White Dutch Clover, Ladino Clover, Medium Red Clover, Berseem Clover, Annual Ryegrass, Trophy Rape, Purple Top Turnips, HB Radish, Forage Kale, Brassica, Forage Collards, Rutabaga Perennial/Annual Plant in spring or late summer.

  • Step 1: Prep your seed bed.

    Step 2: Once seed bed is prepped and you are ready to spread your seed, mix both your seed and Plot Dr Dry into your spreader together. Both seed and fertilizer will then be spread simultaneously amongst your plot.

    Step 3: Culti-pack your plot.

    Step 4: Once your plot is planted and packed you are ready to spray your Liquid Lime. (See mixing instructions for Liquid Lime.)

    Step 5: When your plot has reached growth between 3-5” tall, you will go ahead and spray 2 quarts of the Plot Dr Foliar.  Mix with 10-20 gallons of water.

    Step 6: After your 2nd cutting/mowing you will go ahead and spray out the remaining 2 quarts of Plot Dr Foliar. Mix with 10-20 gallons of water.

    Special Note: If you're establishing a perennial  food plot in sandy or low organic matter conditions, you may need to make a small nitrogen application.  Usually no more than 20-30 lbs per acre is needed.  Plots will germinate and then stall out and you will notice some yellowing leaves. (Cold soils will magnify these issues.)  This is a sign that your plot is nitrogen deficient. To remedy this issue spread 50# of AMS 21-0-0-24s per 1/2 acre.    


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