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The Perfect Prescription for your Food Plots

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Plot-In-A-Pail Annual

Can a food plot really be this simple? Grab your sprayer, seed spreader and Plot-in-a-Pail and you're ready to plant.  Plot-in-a-Pail put's all the great products from Plot Dr in one convenient kit.  No more guess work, each kit is tailored to your seed type for effortless food plot planning.  Pick your seed... grab your kit and you're done!  It's that simple.  This kit includes everything  you need to amend, establish, and manage a ½ acre annual spring or fall food plot. You get the pH adjustment, the starter fertilizer, in-season fertilizer, and seed all in one convenient kit.  



Plot-in-a-Pail Annual

  • Dead Zone - A great late blend! With sugar beets and radishes as the main source of protein along with crimson clover and premier kale to round off a big deer feast. Ingredients: Sugar Beets, Daikon Radish, Crimson Clover, Premier Kale, Purple Top TurnipAnnualPlant in mid to late summer.

    Sweet Frost - This is one of the best varieties for the fall. This blend is mixed with just the right amount of protein filled brassicas from dwarf essex rape to lush turnips.Ingredients: Purple Top Turnip and Protein Plus Rapeseed Annua lPlant in late summer.

    Tank-A-Licious - It grows big like a tank! #1 late season seller. Ingredients: HB Too Tall Brand Brassica, Impact Forage Collards, Purple Top Turnips, HB Special Radish, Premier Forage Kale Annual Plant in mid to late summer.

  • This kit is designed for a 1/2 acre plot adn includes: 1 Plot Dr Dry, 2 Quarts Plot Dr Foliar, 1 Gallon of Liquid Lime, and Annual seed of your choice (optional).  

    Step 1: Kill and or/till you plot to prep it. 

    Step 2: Once seed bed is prepared and you are ready to spread your seed, mix both your seed and Plot Dr Dry into your spreader together. Both seed and fertilizer will then be spread simultaneously amongst your plot. This product can also be used in food plot planters and drills. Plot Dr Dry is not compatible with large seed blends like oats, peas, soybeans, corn, etc. Fertilzer and seed will sift and seperate due to size and weight difference. 

    ** see special directions for corn, soybeans, and cereal grains. ** 

    Step 3: culti-pack your plot. 

    Step 4: once your plot is planted and packed, you are ready to spray your liquid lime. (see mixing instructions for liquid lime.) If you have purchased liquid slow-release nitrogen from us you will also spray it out at this time with your liquid lime. 

    Step 5: When your plot has reached growth between 3-5" tall spray the Plot Dr Foliar. Also at this time, apply nitrogen to your plot. If you used our slow-release nitrogen then you will not need to supplement any more nitrogen. if you did not use our slow-release nitrogen apply either of the following: 50# Urea 46-0-0 or 100# AMS 21-0-0 26S per 1/2 Acre plot. These fertilizer products can be purchased through your local Ag retailer or feed store. 

    Special Directions for Corn, Soybeans, Oats, Rye, Wheat, Sunflowers, etc  (Per 1/2 acre food plot)

    These crops, although annuals have a higher demand than your standard fall brassica plots. Here is what needs to be done differently if purchasing this kit for the listed crops.

    Step 1: Kill and/or till your plot to prep it.

    Step 2: Spray Liquid Lime and slow-release nitrogen if you purchased it. (Nitrogen is optional in this step if planting soybeans.)

    Step 3: Purchase a 50# bag of 17-17-17 or 20-20-20. Mix your Plot Dr Dry with the granular fertilizer and spread across the plot.

    Step 4: Plant your plot.

    Step 5: Use the chart below to determine the correct application timing. Spread 50# of Urea 46-0-0 and 100# of AMS 21-0-0-24s and spray your Plot Dr Foliar at the correct timing for your seed.














    *Do not spread nitrogen on soybeans. Only spray Plot Dr Foliar.

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