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The Perfect Prescription for your Food Plots

Plot Dr Liquid Lime is a revolutionary lime product that every hunter trying to establish a food plot needs to have in their arsenal. If you are sick of hauling and spreading bags of pel-lime and need rapid pH adjustment now, then this is the right tool for the job. Plot Dr Liquid Lime will adjust your pH in a matter of days, not years, and lasts all season long. This soil applied calcium product provides many things from fertility, rapid pH adjustment, and soil structure improvement. With its microscopic size and high percentage of pure calcium, Plot Dr Liquid Lime is one product every food plot program will need.  


Plot Dr liquid lime offers the customer savings in time, labor, and most of all, instant gratification!


We are confident that with 1-3 gallons of Liquid Lime per acre will take care of the worst pH adjustment needs in days and not months.


A pure form of calcium carbonate with a particle size of 2 microns.


  • Spray on established perennial crops like clover and alfalfa
  • Use 15-20 gallons of Water per gallon of Liquid Lime
  • Best if sprayed after planting and packing is done
  • Best if all screens and filters are removed from sprayer
  • Annual application product with instant pH adjustment

Plot Dr Liquid Lime

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Size: 1 gallon bottle


  • Speedy delivery or UPS service used 

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