The Perfect Prescription for your Food Plots

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Plot Dr Liquid Lime

pH adjustment is a simple task to do when spoken out loud. It is only when the task needs to be done in a food plot setting that difficulty starts to increase.


Whether you are seasoned food plotter or just getting started, most hunters don’t have access to the equipment to efficiently spread the cheap ag lime and pelletized lime can get on the pricey side if you are applying the correct rate needed to get the pH adjustment you want.


The biggest kicker is after you invest the time, money, and labor, waiting 6-9 months or sometimes a year to see results really knocks the wind out of your patience.


Here at Plot Dr. we are excited to offer people just like ourselves a tool that supplies a savings in time, labor, and most of all instant gratification!

When trying to raise pH in the soil, it all comes down to purity and particle size of the product.

The more pure it is, the more active ingredient you have and the smaller the particle size, the faster the reaction is.


We guarantee that what you receive in every gallon of Liquid Lime is just that. It is a pure form of calcium carbonate with a particle size of 2 microns.


Due to the efficiency of the product it is an annual use product.We are confident that 1-3 gallons of Liquid Lime per acre will take care of the worst pH adjustment needs in days and not months.

  • Spray on established perennial crops like clover and alfalfa

  • Use 15-20 gallons of Water per gallon of Liquid Lime

  • Best if sprayed after planting and packing is done

  • All screens and filters should be removed from sprayer

  • Annual application product with instant pH adjustment

How to use:

Conduct a soil sample to determine pH

Contact us to have a Soil Test Kit sent to your door

Remove all screens and filters from sprayer

Mix Plot Dr into a few gallons of water

Pour slurry of water and Liquid Lime into 15-20 gallons of water in sprayer

Spray away!