The Perfect Prescription for your Food Plots


Can be applied once in the spring or fall, 5 gallons per half acre. Use on plots or when establishing new plots! 


Controlled release nitrogen benefits any food plot or native vegitation and can can also be used on trees and shrubs to increase growth and mast production! Controlled release nitrogen also helps to keep plants lush and green all year. Phosphorus and potassium promote root development and increase cold tolerance of plants. 


Environmentally friendly, reduces yearly nitrogen use and nearly eliminates nitrogen run off and leaching. 


Especially great for nitrogen loving plants, such as sorghum, sunflowers, greasses, bassic's, etc. 

Plot Dr Tandem Pro

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  • Once a year food plot fertilizer. 


    Tandem Pro is an ideal mixture of nutirnet in liquid form. 


    Lasts all year long, weather pending. 


    Unique membrand helps to feed plots weekly. 


    Enhances all food plots. 


    Thirty-two weeks of nutients. 


    Apply during the growing season. No earlier than one month. Spread once and Spread Smart.