The Perfect Prescription for your Food Plots

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Plot Dr Liquid Fertilizer 
Biscuits without gravy, steak and no fried onions, a truck with no sweet brush guard. Sure, those things aren’t completely necessary but heck it always makes them better. The same things applies to your plot.
Plot Dr. Liquid is the condiment to the plant as well as the deer. This foliar applied product packs a punch of highly efficient macro and micro nutrients to give the plant what it needs, as well as making your plot more palatable to your deer. Deer don’t mind a little Ranch on their salad! With that being said some prefer more than others.
Spray once or weekly starting at about 4-8” of growth. Conveniently, it can be sprayed along with post herbicide applications. Spraying behind cuttings of perennial crops is a great way to promote regrowth and longevity of your clover and alfalfa.
  • Great with herbicide applications

  • Great “icing on the cake” type product

  • 1Qt Bottle does UP TO 1 ACRE

  • Great for annual and perennial crops

  • Will not burn plants