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The Perfect Prescription for your Food Plots

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Plot Dr Dry Fertilizer 

Unleash the power of nature on your food plot with the science of Plot Dr Dry. Give your plot the start it deserves with soluble nutrition that is available to your plants. Plot Dr Dry stimulates root growth due to phosphorus and L-amino acid content. The phosphorus in Plot Dr Dry is protected through a complexing process with carbon. This means that it will not tie up in the soil and be available to your plant ensuring good root growth and strong establishment. Plot Dr Dry is the perfect prescription for your food plots. 

Best used in seeder with the seed making your fertility pass on target with the seed placement. 


2.2 lb bottle sized for a half acre. 


Carbon technology reacted with nutrients making it highly efficient. 


What we do on a large scale agriculture crop is now being brought to you. No more hauling hundreds of pounds into those secluded plot sites and no more high salt fertility products ruining your soil.


Let the power of carbon and Plot Dr. Dry be one of the tools for success this season.

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  • Mixes best with small seeded crops

  • Two birds with one stone pass

  • UP TO 1/2 Acre per bottle

  • Gets your crop the start that it needs

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