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Our Mission

 AgGrow Solutions is a fertility company aimed towards efficiency and longevity.


 No farm has the same land, practices, and/or goals, so why be treated the same as your neighbor with the same exact products and programs? 


Over the years, we have compiled products that are innovative to the industry and offered nowhere else in the state.


These products allow us to be more efficient with fertility inputs, eliminate the detrimental effects to beneficial biology and soil structure, increase biologic activity, and most importantly make operations more profitable.


If you are a producer that is looking for the next leading edge to maximize efficient and profitable crop production all while taking care of and improving your soils, give us call and see what problems we can help you solve.

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Products + Services:

  • -Soil Sampling

  • -Agronomic Consulting

  • -Fertility Products

    • Conventional and Organic

    • Foliars

    • In-Furrows

    • Starter Blends

  • -Copper Fungicide/Bactericide

  • -Natural Based Nematicide

  • -Oxidative Stress Tools

  • -Abiotic Stress Tools

  • -Biologicals

  • -In-Furrow Seed Treatments

  • -Seed Treatment Products

Contact us

We are happy to help! 

Corporate Address:
TIP Inc.
1619 County Rd K
Custer, WI  54423


Toll Free: 800-225-9727

Fax: 715-592-5063